Monday, January 4, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Dear Friends

Ellen, my love, passed away peacefully this afternoon at 4:20.
She was beautiful, it was incredibly spiritual and I know she is happy and
Your loving prayers, all of you, lifted her from this world to a joyous place.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will write again tomorrow, there is a wonderful story about her passing I would
like to share. I would also like to ask you to participate in her celebration which I hope to be planning in the coming week.

I am sad, I am numb, I will be lost without her, but I am happy knowing she is finally free.


Anonymous said...

We love you Cathy. We will stand with you in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. You are a remarkable women and you helped another very remarkable women do what she needed to do the way she wanted to do it... I admire you both so much...

We will ALL miss Ellen Cancienne...


Heather said...

Aunt Cathy, I am so very sorry. Your enduring spirit and strength were such a blessing to Ellen and we will all miss her very much. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with the loss of your beloved. Love to you, Heather

Anonymous said...


Love you. I'll call tomorrow.


Pam Felth said...

Dear Cathy,
I am so sorry for your loss... Ellen was such a beautiful person, and you two were perfect together. I hope you can find some comfort with friends and family. Please call if we can do anything for you.
Pam and Mary Ann

danielle said...

Just got back today and went to your blog intuitively..and read everything with tears in my eyes with sorrow and admiration.Your words so simple and so loving teach us a beautiful lesson of life.
We love you Cathy,you move us so much..
Ellen will always be with you...
Her beautiful smile will always enlighten your life.

Anonymous said...

oh Cathy: Am so very sorry for your loss. Ellen was such a gift of love & light to so many. I feel lucky to have met her as I do you.
with all my love to you & your family,

Andy Swartz said...

Hi Cathy-

We are mutual friends of Donna Mussara. I purchased a piece from you in Key West.

I just wanted to offer my condolences and let you know there is one more person out there who cares and is sending some love your way. Ellen's soul is free and soaring high above mountains right now...there isn't a tear in her eye.

-Andy Swartz

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
My heart goes out to you for your loss. I know how hard it is for you right now, but I am glad you are surrounded by people who love you. And I'm glad to know that Ellen is no longer suffering.
Peace and love,
Karen Sokohl said...

bless Ellen a nd bless you,
love david

Peggy Suarez said...

My thoughts are with you and the rest of Ellen's family. I know your memories will give you peace and strength to sustain you through this very sad time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy, I just heard the news of Ellens passing. There are no words that I can give you now to comfort you, but you know that I know the pain you are in. Cathy you did everything and more to give Ellens last wishes a reality, somehow you found the strength to make all her wishes come true. We all will miss that sweet face and smile, I don't think I have ever met anyone like her that could brighten a room with that soft voice and sparkling eyes. Myself and all my church group have been praying for her for many months and also for you, that you will have the strength to get through this time of grief. I know that she is looking down on you and for awhile you will feel her presence and even her aroma. Take it all in as a gift of God, I did, even if it tore me apart. Know that I care about you and still keep you in my prayers. I know that even though it was only 5 or 6 years together, you truly were soul mates and her memory will be with you forever and with the people that loved her. Even though we are miles apart please know that you are in my heart and when you need me I'll always be here.   Your friend     Marty 

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for you loss.

fetts said...

dear cathy,
i just returned to find that ellen is now freed from the cancer.
lisa and i are thinking of you .

Myke Rosenthal-English said...

May Ellen Rest in Peace.May God comfort you and heall you in your suffering.