Friday, September 26, 2008

The past two weeks have seemed endless, and then again, I never seem to get the things done that I deem important. This blog has been a great inspiration, and a task that seems too hard. I do appreciate all that have posted warm and loving messages. I have four radiation treatments left. Then, I'll have a couple of weeks for my body to recover, and my brain synapses to reconnect. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks, to all who have posted messages, and supported me. Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes, gifts, and messages of support. You have all helped more than you will ever know.
With love,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kansas City

Cathy showed and sold her work at the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City this past weekend. The show was full of love, hugs and tears for both Ellen and Cathy. Ellen you were very missed by all your friends. Betsy and Sally (bottom photo) have a glass of Boulevard beer waiting for you and expect to see you next year on the Plaza!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feelings are so difficult to express. Those of you that really know me, know that my feelings are creatures that I covet in some small cave deep within. I am always so touched when you respond to something I have written. It really does make my day a little bit better. I'm working on this new life given to me, and yes at times it is challenging, but I'm also learning a great deal about me and the people that love me. When times are trying, I look back at the blog and realize that so many people really do care. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Good Morning,
It is Monday, and just a gorgeous day in Flordia. Of course it's hot as Hades, but that's to be expected here in September. I had a great weekend. We went to the Morse Art Museum in Winter Park. It is simply gorgeous, and so well assembled. It contains the most work of Tiffany anywhere in the world. The amount of glass, pottery, jewelry, and the spectacular Chicago World's Fair Altar are all on display. I was so moved and impressed. It's so nice to experience that kind of beauty and appreciate the artistry. And it is just minutes away!

I keep finding big or little things that make me happy. It keeps me going. They touch my heart, and for just a moment I'm
experience a great peace of just being.

Love to All (especially Saints fans),

Friday, September 5, 2008

Just had a nice cup of coffee, and a not so wonderful bowl of cereal. Food really does not taste very good anymore. But, I still do love sweets. Cathy surprised me yesterday with a heavenly box of sweet cakes from Charlie' Bakery. It definitely is a must try if you are in Orlando. I can absolutely recommend the red velvet cake and carrot cakes.

The weather is wet and rainy here. We are already experiencing effects of Hurricaine
Hannah. My summer of radiation has turned into a mother of a storm season. I hope my daily walk is not curtailed. The Orlando area abounds with lakes. It is really quite lovely. Anyway we have been walking around Lake Davis, which we now call Lake Ellen. It is surrounded by lovely homes and a paved sidewalk. This is the time when I loose myself in the beauty of nature, and try ernestly to forget about my diagnosis, or any other problem that might be plagueing me. Can anyone relate? I'm still waiting to wake up one day, and discover that my diagnosis is a mistake. That's when I have to remind myself that I can only live one day at a time.

Love to all of you, especially all our New Orleans friends.