Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our visit with Dr Nick..........

September 17

Hello--Cathy here.

We learned a lot during our appointment with Dr. Nick this morning. First of all, he believes the radiation has had an effect on the tumors, but the MRI scans are difficult to read because of a large amount of blood in the same area. Apparently, in the week before she began radiation, she had a brain bleed. This was due to either a chemo reaction or the tumors themselves, but was most likely the reason she lost cognitive ability. It will take awhile for this blood to be reabsorbed by the body, but her cognitive ability should improve with time. It is similiar to the effects of a stroke. I can tell you she was very happy to hear there could be improvement!
She will continue with an oral chemo treatment for six weeks and then have another MRI. Hopefully, by that time, the blood will be reabsorbed and a more clear MRI scan will reveal how effective the radiation treatment has been.

We are both relieved and encouraged by this news. We thank all of you for your wonderful messages and powerful positive energy---I am absolutely positive it has made a difference for Ellen.

More soon

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An update on Ellen

Sept.13 2009

Hello everyone, Cathy here, just wanted to get out an update on Ellen.

Ellen finished her radiation treatment two weeks ago and has been slowly recovering from the intense nine day treatment. Fatigue related to the treatment has been keeping her "lying low", but she is slowly getting her energy back. She has also been dealing with some cognitive decline as the tumors grew so rapidly in the two weeks before beginning treatment. We hope, when the swelling from the treatment subsides, she will regain some of her ability. Right now, she has difficulty with reading and short term memory loss, but we continue to work through and around some of the problems related to this. To be honest, it's been a difficult few weeks.

Ellen will have an MRI this coming Wednesday, with an appointment on Thursday for results. This MRI will determine how succesful the radiation treatment has been.
We are hopeful, but anxious. The waiting is always stressful.

All of you have been so wonderful and supportive. Both Ellen and I have so appreciated the positive love and energy you send us. Please, sometime this Tuesday evening, send up a little prayer for Ellen. All that positive energy will be needed for the MRI on Wednesday morning.

Ellen sends her love. Me too.