Sunday, September 13, 2009

An update on Ellen

Sept.13 2009

Hello everyone, Cathy here, just wanted to get out an update on Ellen.

Ellen finished her radiation treatment two weeks ago and has been slowly recovering from the intense nine day treatment. Fatigue related to the treatment has been keeping her "lying low", but she is slowly getting her energy back. She has also been dealing with some cognitive decline as the tumors grew so rapidly in the two weeks before beginning treatment. We hope, when the swelling from the treatment subsides, she will regain some of her ability. Right now, she has difficulty with reading and short term memory loss, but we continue to work through and around some of the problems related to this. To be honest, it's been a difficult few weeks.

Ellen will have an MRI this coming Wednesday, with an appointment on Thursday for results. This MRI will determine how succesful the radiation treatment has been.
We are hopeful, but anxious. The waiting is always stressful.

All of you have been so wonderful and supportive. Both Ellen and I have so appreciated the positive love and energy you send us. Please, sometime this Tuesday evening, send up a little prayer for Ellen. All that positive energy will be needed for the MRI on Wednesday morning.

Ellen sends her love. Me too.



Anonymous said...

Forget little prayer...we will be sending out a gigantic H-Bomb of a prayer! But seriously, you two are always in our thoughts and we will be standing right there with you (at least in spirit) when you get those results. Hang in there, have shown amazing strength. Most people would have folded under the anxiety, fear and pressure you (and Cathy) have lived through this past year. We love you!
Donna & David

Marie said...

We have been thinking about you so much lately. You both are amazingly strong. Draw some faith from that. I am hoping for the very best and will be sending much love and light on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Peggy Suarez said...

Just want you to know a day doesn't go by that I don't think of both of you and the intense struggle you are going through. I so hope the collective prayers persuade the universe to pass good news your way. Namaste.

Pam Felth said...

You are in our prayers daily. I hope that you got good news today. I an sorry these have been a few hard weeks, and I admire both of you for your strength and courage. I hope that there are some good times ahead. Love, Pam