Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update on Ellen's Treatment

Hello Friends

Cathy here. Just wanted to fill you all in on recent developments in Ellen's care.

We returned from Houston/MDAnderson somewhat discouraged as Ellen was not eligible for any clinical trials. There was a mix-up with her MRI's not being sent for the appointment and at the time we wondered if we had made a mistake in making the trip. However, once Dr. Levin(the neuro-oncologist in Houston) received all the MRI information he needed, he discovered something very interesting. When Ellen had her initial radiation last Fall we had assumed the treatment had failed as Dr.Nick read the MRI taken after the treatment and determined the tumors were still present. When Dr. Levin read the same MRI he determined the radiation had actually been succesful. Ellen had a rare occurance of radiation necrosis which resembled brain tumor. Her MRI's are difficult to interpret because of this. Dr.'s Nick and Levin had a pow-wow and during this conversation he convinced Dr. Nick a course of radiation would be the best course of treatment.

So, Ellen started a nine day course of radiation today, along with a type of chemo agent which is easy for her to tolerate. It is an intense course of treatment, but she needs to get these tumors under control as soon as possible. We will know more results in a few weeks, but we are very hopeful as there is a fairly high percentage of success this radiation will be effective.

Again, thank-you so much for all your positive thoughts and encouraging prayers. We do feel the power of your love and concern.
More later!
love, cathy


Anonymous said...

what great news! We think of you two often.
Steff and lisa.

Peggy Suarez said...

So good to hear some positve news. I am visualizing you both in full battle gear going to war with these tumors. Go get em'.


Pam Felth said...

Oh, wow! I am so glad to hear that! It sounds to me like the best possible outcome to find that the treatment is already working and to have a good idea of what will continue to work. Am I understanding correctly? I think that 2nd opinion and pow-wow might be the ticket! Mary Ann and I think of you often and pray for your health and comfort daily. xoxo Pam