Saturday, July 25, 2009

Heading To Houston

Hello everyone. We had an amazing trip to Lafayette and New Orleans over the Fourth of July holiday. It was great to see my family and so many friends. When we returned to Orlando I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Nick which showed that the past chemo treatment has not been entirely successful. The original tumor has metastasized into the occipital lobe on the left side of my brain. Dr. Nick has suggested that I travel to M.D. Anderson in Houston to see if I can be accepted into a clinical trial. Cathy and I leave Sunday afternoon for three days of tests. Thank you for thinking about me. I really appreciate your thoughts, your love and your comments. I will keep you posted on my adventures in Houston.
Love, Ellen


Pam Felth said...

Dear Ellen,
I am so glad for you that you had a great visit with family and friends before returning home to face the next challenge. I hope and pray that MD Anderson in Houston will have some newer methods and technology that can help you. They are excellent! I hear nothing but good from people who have gone there about both their medical treatment and the understanding atmosphere. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and I are sending you thoughts of healing.

Pam Felth said...

Hey... I think about you every day... how are things going at MD Anderson? Are the people good to you? I hope and pray that they are treating you with ultimate kindness and that they will find a way to help you. Love, Pam