Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feelings are so difficult to express. Those of you that really know me, know that my feelings are creatures that I covet in some small cave deep within. I am always so touched when you respond to something I have written. It really does make my day a little bit better. I'm working on this new life given to me, and yes at times it is challenging, but I'm also learning a great deal about me and the people that love me. When times are trying, I look back at the blog and realize that so many people really do care. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey.


Christina said...

dear cathy and ellen,
somehow, despite the challenges life throws your way you two seem to respond with grace. i have been trying very hard to post a comment on your blog, and when i finally managed to do it, i accidentally posted it on aug. 18th instead of yesterday, when i wrote it. so, rather than send you back to find it, I will copy it here and send it on with so much affection and good thoughts.

i am so touched and honored to be included in the circle of love and friendship that surrounds you. you two are so inspiring. there is nothing like the conciousness of an end to our days to awaken in us the courage and grace to live fully each precious day and love well all that we love. this is a poem i love by a latin american poet named roberto jauroz. it was written for his wife.

for laura

if we knew the point
where something is going to break
where the thread of kisses will be cut,
where a look will not longer meet another,
where the heart will leap to another place,
we could at least go with it to its breaking.

if we knew the point
where something is going to melt into something,
where the desert will meet the rain,
where the embrace will touch life itself,
where my death will come closer to yours,
we could unwind that point like a streamer,
or at least sing it until we died.

if we knew the point
where something will always be something,
where the bone will forget the flesh,
where the fountain is mother to another fountain,
where the past is never the past,
we could leave that point and erase all the others,
or at least keep it in a safer place.

unwind it like a streamer. all love, christina

Christina said...

i carry your hearts in my heart.

Peggy Suarez said...

I love Christina's comment...just think if everyone carried anothers heart in their heart....What a world it would be.

Hope your heart feels cared for and loved today Ellen.

Anonymous said...

Three good things happened to me this weekend at the Plaza.
The first was seeing Cathy. I have wanted to hug the
two of you since hearing the news. I got half of my wish.
It was so good to see her and connect.
The second was meeting your wonderful friend Donna.
I enjoyed talking to her. Her love and caring for you two
is obvious. For you to have a friend like that is a direct reflection of the person that you are.
The third, Donna showed me how to send you a message on this d&@$$m blog. So here goes. There is no stopping me now.
You and Cathy are in our thoughts daily.

Christina said...

hi lovelies,
i feel a little silly leaving three comments on the same post, but you two are never far from my thoughts or heart.

Betsy said...


Ellen, when I think of you I think of someone who SHINES. WE all reflect you light. Thanks for that gift.

VICTORIA said...

too many times we get too busy to see the beauty of what is right in front of us. too many times we are too dumb. you guys have been neither (except about leaving me in new orleans to raise a family and a husband by myself). Just know that I am thinking about you everyday and sending positive thoughts your way. Isa says, bonjour!

Danielle said...

Dear Cathy and Ellen:
This is my first message on your blog and I finally realized that I should go over my fears of technology. It is worth it just to send you more signs of love. You need them all.
Je vous aime toutes deux
xoxoxo danielle