Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday morning

Dear Friends

I am again sitting next to Ellen's bedside. She has reached the point when her body is shutting down, her breathing labored and she has lapsed into a coma. Her heart rate is very high and has been since yesterday afternoon. I stayed by her side last night, listening, holding her hand, talking to her. I believe the end is very near, possibly this day. It's painful to watch her labor, painful to only watch and wait. We have all, her friends and family, encouraged her to let go, to be free of the body which holds her soul hostage.

She is so beautiful, even now.



Pam Felth said...

Dear Cathy,
My heart breaks for you and for Ellen's family. You have all been so strong, wishing for the best for Ellen. She IS a beautiful person. You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy, My first thought of the day was for Ellen and you, and I want her to be at peace, and I want to thank you for including us with this beautiful text of her journey. We are far away, but not in spirit. My love and prayers to you. Susan O

Lisa Weaver said...

Oh Cathy,
How my heart breaks for you. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Your love for Ellen has come through in your words and we wish Ellen peace on her journey. You are both very loved and in all our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Godspeed dear Ellen.

Theresa Clare said...

Oh, Cathy.... Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Ellen.
Yvonne and Joan

Rebecca said...

We are sending you are love and praying for peace for Ellen.
You two are a beautiful example of what love should be.

Rebecca and Shawn

david said...

Dear Cathy,
I can only imagine in a small way how hard this has been for you. You have given your heart to make sure that Ellen is comfortable for the past 18 months and returning to New Orleans for her to pass is just one example. If we're judged by how we treat each other, then let me say how proud I am to have a friend with so much love. I know
Donna will give you love and I hope that I can also.
love, david

Anonymous said...

Dear Cathy,
I pulled a Rune for Ellen again today. The Rune was Thurisaz reversed. It's symbol is a Gateway. It invites us to visualize a gateway on a hilltop. It says "Your entire life lies out behind you and below. Before you step through the gateway, pause and review the past: The learning and the joys, the victories and the sorrows. Observe it all, bless it all, release it all. For it is in letting go of the past that you reclaim your power. Step through the gateway now..." In the reversed position it states that "A quickening of your development is indicated..." It ends with "Be still, collect yourself, and wait on the Will of Heaven." I don't know if this make sense but it helps me to get through the day. I picture Ellen reviewing all the joys, all the orchids, all the beautiful times you both had together... Then I see her with open arms waiting to be escorted to heaven. She is happy and healed... and she feels no pain... she has no regrets... I hold you both in my heart. Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cathy,

Sending you love and hugs, wishing you peace in knowing that Ellen isn't in pain. You are truly inspiring in your love and devotion to the one you cherish so dear.


Carolyn and Martin

Kim said...

Dear Cathy, I have been feeling the need to visit Ellen's lake over the past few days. Iknow I shall feel her presence there. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Kim