Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear Friends
Cathy here. It is early Thanksgiving Day. I laid awake at 5:00a.m. and thought about all I am thankful for on this misty New Orleans morning...........

Ellen and I have made the transition home. It hasn't been easy, but we had a lot of help along the way and we are now settled. I can't begin to express how happy Ellen is to be back here, she and I were both in tears as we drove back into the city, and yes, she has already enjoyed her first beignets. I do believe being home has given her the strength to get through this difficult point in her illness and treatment.

This past weekend Ellen's cognitive ability declined rapidly. After a night in the hospital and a number of tests, it was determined the tumors had grown significantly in size. They grew so rapidly they bled in to the brain which in turn affected her speech and short term memory. She did receive a chemo treatment at the hospital, which she tolerated well and will hopefully suppress the tumors for awhile. She is home now, fatigued from the chemo, but feeling a little better. We are learning to communicate in a different way as Ellen can understand what I am saying to her, but cannot express herself.

Despite this turn of events, there are many, many things Ellen and I are both thankful for. We are home, in the city we love, with the beignets we love even more.
We have the most amazing friends and family, who have supported and loved us unconditionaly, who have helped me make the move possible for Ellen. All of you who have called and left messages for us, sent love to Ellen, have prayed for her; thank you so much. We have been carried home, lifted up by your love and support. I am so thankful for all of you.

I'll be posting updates more often now, so I can communicate to more of you what is happening in Ellen's journey.
Again, thanks and love to all of you.


Debbie said...

I'm loving you and praying for you both from Orlando. We all miss you here but we also wish you well in New Orleans. The city where you found each other. The city you call "Home". The beignets are even calling to me! :0

A Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear friends...


Pam Felth said...

Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. I am sorry to hear of this latest development, and I hope that you are managing to communicate successfully. I send my love and best wishes for improvement.

Anonymous said...

Ellen and Cathy: All your friends in Key West are joined in good wishes and heartfilled hopes that New Orleans works its magic on you. Much love, Dianne

hfoster1427 said...

Ellen and Cathy - Lee and I are thinking about you both. We are keeping a watchful eye over the beautiful green home across the street. Sorry to hear about the Ellen's developments... we wish you both strength and might. Best Wishes from Orlando! Heidi

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here imagining a big bubble of love around you both. I know that wherever this journey takes you love will be your compass and your strength.
My thoughts are with you every day.
Much love,