Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Latest News

Hello again.
Cathy here, with an update on the lastest news.
Ellen had an MRI this past Monday with an appointment with Dr.Nick on Tuesday. The tumor area which had recent radiation appears to be stable. The blood which was clouding the MRI has been mostly reabsorbed and Dr.Nick could see the mass had not increased in size. Ellen does have two other areas which have "signaled", meaning there are tumor cells growing. They are small spots, but hopefully will respond to chemo treatment. Dr. Levin, at MDAnderson in Houston, will review her scans and determine if there is a clinical trial available which would benefit Ellen. The back-up plan is a round of chemo treatment which she would begin in 6 weeks.

In the meantime, we are moving! Ellen is very happy and excited about the return home. The movers come on the 9th of November and we should be set up in New Orleans around the 13th. Our new address will be: 1031 Fern St. New Orleans, LA 70118.
We are both looking forward to friends and family, streetcars and crawfish, love and laughter.
I will post another update soon. Thanks for all the loving thoughts and prayers.

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