Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008

It has been a couple of days since my last post. Thanks to everyone who has been checking the site, and adding their comments. It is very uplifting to read what you are thinking, and then writing. I know I am only at the beginning of this brain tumor ordeal, but somehow kind words from the heart help so much. Emotionally, I know I have not even skimmed the surface of what I'm feeling. I want to know everything, but then somehow think if I'm awake at 3am, it will somehow prevent me from ever sleeping again. Just taking it one day at a time.

We went to the beach Friday and yesterday. We drove from here to Clearwater. It was beautiful, calming, and very relaxing. Highly recommended for anyone who needs great R & R. I'm doing some of what I have always wanted to do. Victoria, you are so right about love leading the way.

Love to all,

P.S. Tuesday is my first radiation/chemo treatment.


nancym2924 said...

Good luck on Tuesday. Beach Boy and I will be sending you positive vibes!! Nancy

betsy youngquist said...

I'm so glad to hear you went to the ocean. Thinking about you every day. Much love,

david said...

Hi Ellen, Good luck from me too! You guys are two of the bravest people that i know. Thank you for the inspiration. with love and prayers in my heart,

Peggy Suarez said...

Hi Ellen,
It's another of Donna's sibs. I wanted to let you know that my yoga class has added you to our intentions list. We're sending you much vibrational love and healing energy to support you and Cathy in this fight to regain your wellness.

irene said...

Carol and I love you so much and are rooting for you every step of the way.


Donna said...

Dear Ellen and Cathy,
Put on those shrimp boots. Thanks to Fay it looks like the rain is never going to stop in Orlando!

Christina said...

dearest ellen and cathy,
finally, after days of trying, i figured out how to post a comment on a blog. your courage and grace are so inspiring to me. sometimes it takes a consciousness of our own fragility to actually have the grace to live fully in the moment. here is one of my favorite poems about just that. it was written by a latin american poet named roberto juaroz for his wife.

dearest cathy and ellen,
i was deeply saddened to hear your news, but touched and honored to be part of your blog. unfortunately, i am a newcomer to the whole blog scene. you have inspired me to open a gmail account and create my own blog (all in an attempt to post to yours). it is lovenotes-christina. somehow, despite being techo-challenged, i got that far, but can't seem to manage to figure out how to post. i can read ellen's beautiful journal and read other's posts, but can't seem to post myself. sorry to be a problem child,
i will figure it out.
on a deeper note, you two are so inspiring. there is nothing like the conciousness of an end to our days to awaken in us the courage and grace to live fully each precious day and love well all that we love. this is a poem i love by a latin american poet named roberto jauroz. it was written for his wife.

for laura

if we knew the point
where something is going to break
where the thread of kisses will be cut,
where a look will not longer meet another,
where the heart will leap to another place,
we could at least go with it to its breaking.

if we knew the point
where something is going to melt into something,
where the desert will meet the rain,
where the embrace will touch life itself,
where my death will come closer to yours,
we could unwind that point like a streamer,
or at least sing it until we died.

if we knew the point
where something will always be something,
where the bone will forget the flesh,
where the fountain is mother to another fountain,
where the past is never the past,
we could leave that point and erase all the others,
or at least keep it in a safer place.

unwind it like a streamer.
all love,

Christina said...

sorry, my original try got jumbled up with my last try. i will get with the program eventually.
all love,