Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello to all.
Cathy here.
This is my favorite all time story about Ellen. We met over seven years ago at Jazzfest in New Orleans. She walked into my art booth on the first day of the show and was attracted to a painting I had done of a woman who had birds balanced on her arms. The painting was named "Grace" and since I was fond of the painting myself, I had a big price tag on it. She and I talked for a few minutes about the painting and, although she was interested, she told me she would wait until Sunday and if I still had the painting maybe she could get a good deal on the price. As she said this, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye with a huge smile on her face. I was immediately smitten. Permanently smitten. When she left I removed the painting from the wall and hid it in the back of my booth. And waited for Sunday. She came back, of course, and was delighted with her extraordinarily large discount on the price..........
We didn't get together for another year, but eventually, "Grace" came back into my life. She hangs in our home as a sweet reminder of how Ellen and I found each other.
Ellen and I went to the beach last Saturday, looking for the sun after five days of rain. We sat on lounge chairs under a big umbrella and watched the waves crashing on the beach for a long time. Despite everything else going on in her life, when I looked over at her she had the most beautiful, peaceful and serene smile on her face. She was loving every minute of being there. Grace is like that. Sometimes, we're lucky enough to witness it.
And I'm still permanently smitten.


Donna said...

I love this story! I've always loved this story. And I love it that Grace finds us just when we need it the most.
Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

I love that story too... and I love this photo of Ellen. It is one that I have been very drawn to since the moment I saw it. She looks at the photographer and you get a sense of the beautiful spirit that peeks out under that fabulous hat.

You're a lucky lady Ms. Rose

My love to you both!

BY said...

After having just visited the "confessions" portion of Cathy's website and after reading this blog I'm thinking Ms. Rose may need to write a book and I know a budding watercolorist who might just have to paint the illustrations!

Such Love...Such Grace!

Thank you.


Peggy Suarez said...

That's a story to make your heart smile. And might I say Ellen, you rock that hat!! Is that a creation from the talented Ignatius Cregan & Rod Givens?

Marie said...

Aaaaawwww. That's the first time I ever heard that story. Sooooo sweeeeeet - just like both of you.