Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of radiation/chemo

On Thursday, August 21,2008, I had my first radiation and oral chemo treatment. All went well! Aside from being a little anxious, O.K., petrified, I held my own. I keep waiting for someone to tell me there has been a mistake, and I really don't have a brain tumor. Guess I'm just in the first stage, huh? I keep thinking about everyone who has written in. Some I know, some I know through Cathy, or Donna, or whoever. Everyone has been such a great support. This is so foreign from anything that happens in a "normal" life. Boy, that sounds like B.S., but sorry I can't think of any other way to express it.

If anyone is interested in the actual treatment, here's what I can muster. You go into the treatment room. The techs place a soft mask on your face, which was molded from a soft plastic--sort of like fishing plastic, but thicker. They did some markings on the mask--made sure it was correct--then did the actual treatment. I was laying on a hard table with a pillow under my knees. A large round radiation device hovered above my head in three places. It took maybe 4 minutes. I felt O.K. afterwards. It was all very surreal. Again, is this really happening. Part of me cannot comprehend.

I'm just living one day at a time, and so far it hasn't been too bad. Please pray for me and for this persistent rain to stop.

Love to All,


Marie said...

Well, sounds surreal, that's for sure. but I am sure glad that it also seemed fairly simple, as far as procedures go. I hope you continue to feel okay. And, uh, just go ahead and send Fay this way.. you have had enough .. and we can handle that there little storm....

nancym2924 said...

WHAT? Send Fay this way? Well, I'm all for getting Fay out of Florida, but how about Alabama?

Anyway, Ellen, you've been on my mind all week. Did you get Joe's card?

DLippens said...

Dear Ellen and Cathy,

I want to let you know that you are on my daily calendar for all 42 days/6 week of radiation. I will send you lots of love and good thoughts through out these upcoming weeks. I will pledge to help you with what ever I can do for either of you.

To all you that don't live in Orlando. Please get my number from the girls and stay in one of my two master suites in downtown Orlando. Free airport pick up and delivery when available. Come and lay your eyes on and wrap your arms around these two brave women. Friends and family alike.

with much love,