Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday morning.

Dear Ellen
Your Saints won the Super Bowl. How did you pull that one off? Even the parade for the players was incredible, the energy and emotions filling the streets of the city.
I could see you, I swear, running after Drew Brees float to catch beads.

The studio/gallery is coming together quickly. I sat there yesterday afternoon, tired, but amazed at how much had been accomplished. The studio is completely put together with all my junque organized, the tools arranged, the brushes and pencils waiting for me. The gallery area is taking shape, I just need to build more pedestals and then the hard part, figuring out where to place and hang the work. How I wish you were here to help put the finishing touches on it all.

It's bittersweet. A week of joys tempered by your absence. So many times this week I turned to you and smiled. So many times I thought of you, knowing how you would have savored every moment. The game, the parades, the people, the gallery, the joy, energy and excitement. This was such an Ellen week, it was everything you loved about life. It was everything I loved about you.

Happy Valentines Day, my love.



Pete said...

Happy valentine's day to you and Ellen. We think of you often with a great deal of love and we are so pleased your gallery is coming together.
Pete and Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I knew you would write a touching letter on this day. We love you Cathy, and you are progressing. I can't wait to see your gallery. We blow you kisses*** Sus o

danielle said...

dear cathy,

do you remember these words that you taught me in one of your wonderful books "full cup":


Weeks after weeks,these words are there,inside...they could be whispering words or screaming ones,embracing joy and moments of deep sadness. you have them all!!...
Your "blind faith" in her will always help you grow..

Anonymous said...

I'm still checking and reading your entries. I am once again delighted to find a new post and at the same moment sadden that Ellen is not on this plain with you... with us...

It is bittersweet... I know in my heart of hearts that she knows... that she sees... that her spirit is all around you and her beloved home in New Orleans.

I also know that you my dear friend are an incredible women... and we are all here cheering for you.

Much love,
Debbie xoxo