Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December mornings

Hello Friends

As usual, it's early morning. We've had several days of gloomy weather with rain and it's almost enough for me to wish we were still in sunny Florida. If it weren't for the occasional shrimp po-boy, we might have fled the city.

Ellen has up and down days, mostly due to the stages in the chemo treatment she took in late November. It affects the bone marrow and her ability to create new red blood cells so at this point her counts are low and she feels really tired. The good news is she is also feeling better some days. If the chemo wasn't having some effect on the tumors she would be declining rapidly. Hopefully, she will begin to have more energy in the coming week, so she can enjoy Christmas.

We have been enjoying a bit of the city, sometimes going to the levy by the river, sometimes a ride through the French Quarter or an ice-cream adventure. She loves trips to the Father Seelos Shrine which is part of a Catholic Church located in the Irish Channel. It's been comforting for her to spend time there in the chapel. On weekends, there's always a Saints game to watch, usually with good friends or family around her. All of it has made the effort of moving here worthwhile as I know she is finally happy and home.

I want to thank all of you again, for all your support and kind thoughts. Ellen has been so appreciative of all your gestures of love. She can't read your cards and can't talk on the phone very well, but she knows you are supporting her and is very much touched by all of it. Me too.
more later.


Anonymous said...

We will pray for you at the Seelos Shrine here in F├╝ssen,Germany where Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos was Born and baptised the day of his birth.May he intercede with the Lord for your healing both physically,spiritually and mentally.
The Website of the Basilica of St Mang in English can be viewed here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm lighting a candle for both Ellen and Father Seelos. Miracles happen!
Love you both,

Pam Felth said...

You "two lucky girls" sure look cute together in that new photo! I know you are living with difficulties, but I am so happy to read that you are finding time and energy for ice cream and trips to the levee and shrimp po-boys. Have you been out to see the Christmas lights? We would love to stop by to say hello, at a time that works for you. Love, Pam and Mary Ann

Peggy Suarez said...

Big Miracles....Small Miracles....I believe in miracles.

Love & strength being sent your way.