Tuesday, April 7, 2009

april 2009

Hello! Cathy here. Just wanted to give you all a bit of an update.
Ellen continues to do well. She had an MRI last week with results showing improvement in the area where the tumor was.
The little cancer bastards are running like Hell! The two week schedule of chemo is difficult on her, fatigue, nausea and
loss of appetite seem to be the worst. She's getting a little skinny, but still looks pretty good to me.......

We are going to Louisiana the end of this month, me to do Jazzfest, Ellen for a visit with family in Lafayette. I am working
more in the studio, mostly to stay out of trouble, but I have been enjoying the process of creating again. I'm looking forward to seeing friends, selling art and eating White Chocolate Bread Pudding from my favorite vendor at the Fest.

Ellen is looking forward to spending time with family. We are looking at the possibility of moving to Lafayette during the
summer and so will be exploring the area for a place to live during this visit. I'd like a house with extra studio space and a large swimming pool, but so far I haven't been promised anything yet......I'll keep you all posted.

I want to thank everyone for continuing to call, or send cards, or send loving thoughts our way. You really have no idea
how much it helps, how much it keeps both of us in a positive place and how much we appreciate it. Our friends have
carried us when things have been the hardest and neither of us will ever forget that.

Till next time.


Marie said...

hello girls. so good to hear from you. VERY glad to hear that the last scan was a good one. has the doctor thought of adding megase to ellen's meds to increase appetite? it is a very effective medicine. ask about it. we can't wait to see you at the end of this month. will ellen be in nola at all or is she going straight to lafayette?
we continue to think about you all the time. a BIG HUG to you both!

Anonymous said...

Betsy and I are in St. Paul, MN doing a show. It's so good to hear the news. We wish we could see you at jazz fest! We'll be there the 2nd weekend.
Bill made me drink Ensure when I lost my appetite. I fought him about it, but I think it was good.
Keep fighting!
Ann Marie and Betsy

Pam said...

Hi Ellen and Cathy,
I'm so glad to hear there's some improvement. And I am so impressed with your support network and the number of friends you have! I hope you have a good time at Jazz Fest... I don't think I will be there this year because I am up in CT getting my Dad's house ready to sell. I will miss the fest and the friends. Ellen, it was so good to hear your voice. I hope to talk with you again soon. I am up late tonight, and was thinking of you and wanted to send you a note and my love. your friend, pam

Marie said...

Hi again Ellen and Cathy. I just want say hello and am thinking about you. When do you have plans to next come to LA? I want to make sure that we spend some time when you are here next. JazzFest was a ridiculous time and it sucks we didn't get to hang out. Let us know soon if you have any plans. I am sending you both my love. Be strong and love yourselves and each other every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi ellen and cathy. Betsy wrote me and told me what you two are battling right now. Lisa and I are sending our thoughts to you two.
Steff and Lisa