Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." —Albert Schweitzer

Ellen is going to need our sparks for the next couple of days! On Thursday, October 16th (at 9:00 a.m.) she has a follow-up MRI to see the results of the first round of radiation and chemotherapy. Then on Monday, October 20th (again at 9:00 a.m.) she meets with Dr. Nicholas Avgeropoulos (Dr. Nick) for the results. This is a very trying time for both Ellen, Cathy, their families and for all of us (their extended family). We are all with you Ellen, and will be sending our light your way. Thanks for letting us be with you on your journey!


Peggy Suarez said...

Ellen & Cathy,
The two of you are always in my thoughts. Just wanted to offer a few words of love & comfort in this especially tense time. Know that there is a ton of positive energy flowing your way.


Karon Reese said...

Hi Ellen,
I have thought of you often since the day in July when your life took a turn. I, too, love your energy, your smile, and your quiet pensiveness right before you deliver words of wisdom. You are a beautiful woman!

I remember our run in Wilson Park and how great you look in running clothes and our giggling on my front porch, later, while drinking wine and telling our stories.

I was disappointed when you chose another city over Fayetteville, because I knew we would continue to make great memories, but I understand about going to where the jobs are!

My thoughts are with you, and I am relieved when I think about how much Cathy loves you--could there be a better partner? I am relieved when I think of your friendship with Donna--could there be a better friend? I am relieved when I remember that you have YOU--the woman who is still finding peace and joy amidst chaos and confusion.

Keep walking in nature, keep going to see art, keep eating red velvet cake, and keep knowing that your friends love you!

Karon Reese

david said...

Hi Cathy and Ellen, WOw! Karon sez it all. I was going to write something lame like how I saved the blog to my favorites but actually just saved the post of august 17th and was wondered why nobody was writing. Thank you being honest and writing about your feelings. It makes everything more real and focused. You were especially in our prayers for Yom Kippur, as well as every day. love, David

Theresa Clare said...

Ellen & Cathy,

Our thoughts are very much with you both at this time. The strength and love you provide each other are the real guideposts as you traverse these challenging life-paths. But, know also that there are many hearts reaching out to you and much positive energy enfolding you.

Yvonne & Joan

Marie said...

Hey there you two. A little bird told me that NOLA maybe in your plans again... I am hoping that may be so. No doubt this is a tense week for you both. Time to breathe deeply and take walks (even short ones) and remember all the reasons life is good. You are so very loved.

Kim said...

Cathy & Ellen,
As I read the many notes written to the both of you, of love, support and encouragement, I am deeply touched. I can see and feel how much you both are loved. I believe love is what heals the body, mind and soul, and you both are certainly surrounded with so much love and life. Know that I continue to send healing energy and love both your way. Thinking of you, Kim
PS: Cathy hope to see you at the Publix soon. Ellen my thoughts are with you on Thursday..

Amanda Edgmon said...

Hi Ellen,

Here's a laugh...my mom actually walked ME through Google to find your site then again had to walk ME through how to post...wacky!!!

I love you and miss you...be watching for the cake fairy...heard she might be in your neighborhood tomorrow. he, he, he

Love ya! Amanda