Sunday, August 8, 2010


Dear Ellen
We have wonderful friends. Last evening there was a dinner party here with several of them. Lots of good food, wine, interesting conversation and most of all, plenty of laughter. I thought of you often, knowing you would have loved the evening, knowing time with good friends always made you happy.
I even put art up on the walls before everyone arrived. I guess I'm planning on staying here for a few more months. It's starting to look like someone lives here now, instead of feeling like I'm staying at a hotel. I suppose both things, a dinner party and art on the walls, are signs I'm joining the human race again. There's a little more balance in my life, more awareness of the world revolving around me. Mind you, I have my moments when I dissolve into sadness, but now they don't fill my days. Now when I think of you, it's more often a good memory accompanied by a small smile. Sometimes, I still can't believe you're gone, but there seems to be some level of acceptance about it.

Our friends have been a big part of my returning to the world. Honestly, I don't know how I would have kept trudging along without their love and support. Old friends have been with me every step and stumble, new friends have become a joy and blessing to me. I figure everyone coming into my life, through the door of the gallery, have been directed there for some good purpose. Familiar friend or not, I consider them as a small jewel in my day, a gift of conversation from a stranger or an exchange of love and support between friends. In many ways this is what gives me purpose now. I feel your presence with me, giving me strength to move forward, but it's these small gifts of love from friends which give me hope again. I truly am a lucky girl.

Love you, miss you.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see a glimpse of that old smile back on your face. And please know that you give your friends just as much as they give you. Thanks for your friendship, your love and for sharing yourself. Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

Good to hear... It makes me smile to think of you laughing and enjoying company. I think it makes Ellen smile too...


NOJuju said...

Hope and I consider ourselves outrageously fortunate to be among your new friends and guests last night. We love you already, you know.

Julie and Hope

david said...

Hi Cathy,
I glad you're writing and it makes me feel good knowing that you are smiling and embracing life and friendship.
love, David