Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Positive Energy update

A big thank you to everyone who participated, sent spiritual support, or even gifts to Cathy and me. We received positive news once again. The MRI showed no significant growth in my new tumor, and the original tumor is also stable. Needless to say we are expremely happy, and ready to attack the tumor with another chemotherapy agent. I will begin this new agent, called Vepesid or VP16 this week. The course of treatment calls for three weeks on and three weeks off in addition to the other two agents I receive now. I have been feeling extremely good! Enough, to enjoy a very relaxing trip to New Smyrna Beach. It was incredibly beautiful and relaxing. This next treatment might even include a course of radiation. The important thing is I feel so blessed to had made it to this point in the treatment. So thanks again to all of you, and especially Cathy and Donna who spearheaded the day of prayer and positive energy.
I love you all,


Peggy Suarez said...

That is happy news indeed. I saw a beautiful rainbow yesterday and just knew it was a good sign.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to share your good news. I sent the positive thoughts but I had to do a couple of"die you little bastards die" chants too.
Steff and Lisa

Liz said...

What wonderful news! Hooray111 WILLCALL SOON.

Marie said...

Hooray! I'm especially glad to hear that you are feeling better and up for doing some fun and positive things with Cathy. YAY!!!

Pam Felth said...

What a wonderful attitude you have! I am so glad that you two had a beach escape together. I think about you so often and we pray for your health and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Hey E and C,
Sending you love right now!
Know you are well.