Thursday, December 25, 2008


Happy Holidays to all! Wow, what a season of joy, tears, and wonderment! A special thanks to my friends who organized the barrage of holiday cards, gifts, and ornaments. Our Christmas tree is simply gorgeous, and so uniquely decorated. It seems impossible to thank each person individually, but you are all in our hearts and prayers. I have never been so touched by the display of love and giving from everyone. Cathy and I are truly blessed to have been given so much. I extend my love and gratitude to all of you. May your holiday season continue in the same way you have touched our lives.

An update on my condition--I have had two chemo treatments so far. On Monday, I have a third treatment, and then will have another CAT scan of the brain. The chemo treatments are tough, and make me ill for three to four days. However, right now it is all worth having this time with my girlfriend, friends, and family.

Love and gratitude to all of you,

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