Thursday, November 13, 2008

More News

Ellen and Cathy received some sobering news on Wednesday. Ellen's follow-up MRI has shown that the tumor has continued to grow in the area that had been previously radiated. She is still planning on starting an IV chemotherapy treatment next week to help with tumor symptoms and to continue to fight this thing. The first treatment will be set up to see if her body can tolerate the chemo cocktail that her doctor is suggesting. Ellen is really hanging in there, but needs our love now more than ever.


Liz said...

Dear Ellen and Cathy,
I read Donna's note just minutes ago.
Embrace all that you can, especially each other and know that your friends are holding you in their love for the two of you. Indulge yourself in whatever feels good and comforting to you. And most of all "lache pas la patate"(Cajun for "don't let go of the potato!").

Anonymous said...

dear ellen and cathy,
I just read donna's note and I can only imagine how the two of you are feeling.
You are in our thoughts and we send you love.
Steff and lisa

Marie said...

I am thinking of you both and loving you. Just wish you were here, home, in Louisiana. You are in our hearts...

Anonymous said...

Dear Girls,
I finally figured out how to post something back on this site (I hope). Sorry to hear about the bad news and please know that you have constantly been in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you guys. Love Greg & Nancy

Liz said...

Dear Ellen,
I've been thinking about you today. I think this is the day you see how the new chemo effects you. I sure hope it goes well. Just wanted to tell both you and Cathy that Marie and I are both holding you in our hearts.

Peggy Suarez said...

Just wanted you both to know I'm holding you in the light. I do hope this first chemo treatment goes well and is tolerable.
Big Healing Hug.

danielle said...

dear ellen and cathy,

It takes a lot of courage to have decided about this big chemo...I always admire you both...Today,I admire you even more. Susan and Betsy visiting from Philly,join me to send you all our love and energy.You have been very present with us for the couple of days,we were together in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ellen and Cathy,
It is Thanksgiving Day today and as we all pause in gratitude for all that is good in our lives, I send deep love and gratitude to you both. I am grateful that you have found each other and such a deep abiding heart-opening love. I am grateful to have you in my life and for the courage you give us all to face what life brings with grace and compassion. I am grateful for this day, this moment, these friends, these loves. Savor every second together. Your love is precious.
I hold your hearts, I hold them in my heart.
With love,